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If you love Country Music, there's only one place in the world to be June 9–12, 2022:


July 18, 2021: The June 2021 CMA Music Festival has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, next year's CMA Music Festival is already on the calendar for June 9–12, 2022 and we fully expect it to occur (vaccinations are going pretty well here in Nashville). We will be updating our hotel/ticket offerings in the coming weeks and will begin taking reservations in early July.

May 3, 2021: The June 2021 CMA Music Festival has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, next year's CMA Music Festival is already on the calendar for June 9–12, 2022 and we fully expect it to occur (vaccinations are going pretty well here in Nashville). We will be updating our hotel/ticket offerings in the coming weeks and will begin taking reservations in early July.

Sept. 8, 2020: Next year's CMA Music Festival is scheduled for June 10–13, 2021 and in "the old times" before the pandemic, we had a pretty straight-forward booking procedure. You would pick your hotel and Festival seating and we'd draft a booking agreement for you specifying everything in detail. Then we'd send it to you and you'd have about a week before it was due back with your deposit. The final payment would be due in the spring. Well, times have certainly changed and we've tried to modify our procedure to factor in a certain amount of uncertainty.

Sept. 4, 2020: The Country Music Association has announced the nominees for this year's CMA Awards and Miranda Lambert tops the list with seven nominations! Traditionally, this is one of the biggest annual music events in Nashville, but the news this week, according to various sources, is that it will take place on Nov. 11 without an audience. The announcement was shared in a letter to CMA members from CEO Sarah Trahern, who wrote that "capacity will be limited to essential personnel only and tickets will not be available for this year's show . . . We understand this news is disappointing, but know the adjustment is necessary in order to provide the safest possible environment for all involved."

July 20, 2020: What a year so far . . . our meteorologist here in Nashville recently reported on rare dust clouds from the Sahara Desert that were clouding the skies in middle Tennessee and she said something that made us laugh: "it's just so 2020, isn't it?" Well, we're just a little over half way through this historic year and traditionally in the month after the CMA Music Festival we look at turning the odometer over and starting the countdown for next year. Of course, there was no Festival last month due to the pandemic, but we're still setting the gauge to zero and starting to look ahead. Everyone needs to dream a little and that's what we're officially beginning to do—dreaming of June 2021 in Nashville and what that will mean for Country Music lovers. Our hotel/ticket packages are now available. We'll be posting more about each offering this week to give you enticing details, but meanwhile, indulge yourself and begin planning your journey to Nashville now. We're here to answer your questions (fill out the contact form below or give us a call).

July 15, 2020: Drum roll, please! We'll be releasing our 2021 CMA Music Festival hotel/ticket packages, including options for Gold Circle seating, next week on July 20.


April 8, 2020: Last week the CMA announced that the 2020 Festival would not be held this June due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We know many of you have been planning your trip to Nashville for a year or more and are keenly disappointed (even to the point of tears) that the event has been cancelled. Over the years we're had clients who have been forced to postpone their trip to Nashville because of joyous life events like weddings or births; we've also had clients who have been forced to cancel because of much sadder circumstances —a major illness or a death in the family or a job loss. In all these cases, we try to offer a note of consolation: if you miss it this time around, there's always next year.


The annual renewal offered by the CMA Festival has helped a lot of people. And now, it's the Festival's turn to look to us to keep the continuity going. The big event is having to take a year off because of circumstances beyond anyone's control. But it will be back. It will be back because of all of us who love Nashville and love Country Music. There's always next year and next year in this case is 2021. It will be here before we know it. So please keep your spirits up, stay safe and well, and know that Nashville ain't going anywhere. We'll be here waiting for you whenever you can come again. And we'll welcome you warmly.

For our 2020 BlueShoe clients: we sent out emails last week regarding your hotel/ticket packages and your options for proceeding to transfer to the 2021 Festival or to request a refund. If you did not receive two separate emails from BlueShoe Nashville, please let us know and we'll resend them.

For those interested in booking packages for 2021, we anticipate posting our new hotel/tickets packages next month (May 2020). You'll have a wonderful choice of seats (including Gold Circle) and a range of premium hotels, including the 5-Star Hermitage Hotel in downtown Nashville. So please check back or if you would like to be put on our mailing list, fill out the contact form below.


March 11, 2020: Update from the Country Music Association regarding the CMA Music Festival and the coronavirus threat:

CMA is first and foremost committed to the health and safety of our fans, artists and community. We are continuously monitoring the very latest guidance from local, state and national authorities to carefully evaluate the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, we are regularly tracking travel advisories and restrictions, which currently do not include restrictions for any location in the United States.

As of today, CMA Fest will proceed as scheduled June 4-7 in Nashville. We are taking appropriate steps to ensure festival grounds will be safe and comfortable for all attendees, including enhanced sanitation protocols and hygiene standards.

See full statement on the CMA's website.

CMA Festival Hotels for 2021

BlueShoe Nashville is proud to partner with some of the most desirable hotels in Nashville for the CMA Music Festival, including the 5-Star Hermitage Hotel, the downtown Hampton Inn,  the Courtyard Marriott downtown, and the Hampton Inn Vanderbilt on West End Avenue in midtown.

CMA Festival Tickets for 2021

Our CMA Fest 2020 tickets are full Festival passes, covering all four days and nights  (June 4, 5, 6, 7, 2020) of the Festival. Choose from our extensive inventory of Premium Club, Premium Lower Level, Floor Level, and Gold Circle Seating (reserved for packages at the 5-Star Hermitage Hotel). You can read a detailed explanation of seating choices and review a seating diagram on our Tickets Page.

CMA Fest 2021 Package Prices

See all of our CMA Music Festival package prices in one place. Pricing for different hotels, number of people, and ticket levels are compiled in one handy chart for easy comparison. All packages are five nights (June 3-8, 2020) except for the Courtyard Marriott downtown (four nights). Book now buttons are included

About BlueShoe & Nashville

The CMA Music Festival is dangerously addictive: you come once and you'll want to come again and again. The music is, of course, great and you get a lot of it—during the day and night and way into the wee hours of the morning. But what many people say who come to Nashville for the first time is how surprised they are by city itself—by the beauty of this town on the Cumberland River. The charming century-old red brick buildings on Lower Broad, the vibrancy of a culture that celebrates not only music, but also the visual arts and theatre, and the friendliness of its residents combine to make Nashville a city of unexpected delights. Here at BlueShoe we want to highlight why so many travelers are passionate about coming to Music City—and to help you make the most of your own visit here.

Established in 1998, BlueShoe Nashville is a cultural and historical travel guide to Nashville, Tennessee. It takes it name from the song by the Tennessean Carl Perkins, "Blue Suede Shoes." Both Perkins and a guy named Elvis made it a huge hit. It's that sort of song. Many years later, Marc Cohn cut a hauntingly beautiful song called "Walking in Memphis" that begins with a homage to those blue suede shoes.

When we were looking for a title for a different sort of travel guide (one with a focus on the musical heritage of Tennessee), Perkins' and Presley's renditions came to mind. A BlueShoe Traveler does the town in style, with imagination, curiosity, and discernment--making the discoveries that can turn even the most humdrum business excursion into a journey of revelation and delight.

BlueShoe Nashville specializes in premium hotel/ticket travel packages for the CMA Music Festival and the CMA Awards Show.


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