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BlueShoe Nashville Guide to Wildflowers 2001

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Spring 2001

March 11, 2001: The Show Begins

The spring ephemerals have begun to bloom in Cheekwood's Howe Wildflower Garden. Among the early showers I found on this Sunday afternoon stroll were False Rue Anemone, Harbinger of Spring, Cutleaf Toothwort, and Spring Beauties. Different varieties of Trilliums are beginning to emerge, but are not yet in bloom. Lenten Roses and daffodils (garden escapees) in the Howe garden are in magnificent full flower.

For novice wildflower enthusiasts, the gardens here at Cheekwood are ideal: each plant is identified by a placard. The photos to the left, unless otherwise noted, were taken on March 11 at the Howe Garden and in Edwin Warner Park.

Howe Wildflower Garden: March 25, 2001

Mossy Ridge Trail wildflowers: March 31, 2001


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Upcoming Wildflower Events in Tennessee
March 30, 31 - April 1 Wildflower Fair Cheekwood Grounds, Nashville
51st Annual Wildflower Pilgrimage 2001:
April 25-29, 2001 in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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