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Feb. 1, 2000:

Despite gray skies, chilly weather, a crunch of parking problems, and a long, cold wait, Nashvillians turned out in mass to welcome home their Tennessee Titans from a stunning performance at Superbowl XXXIV. A celebratory parade began at 12:30 p.m. at the Gaylord Entertainment Center (the Nashville Arena) and proceeded down lower Broadway, up Second Avenue North, across the bridge, and into Adelphia Coliseum. The "I've Got Rhythm" Tennessee State University marching band led the processional, which included coaches on fire engines, and players in beautiful new convertibles (yes, it was a bit nippy for an open-air drive). Some fervent (male) fans did their best to fan the enthusiasm of the crowds by stripping to the waist and leading the on-lookers in cheers for EDDIE-EDDIE-EDDIE (Titans' running back, Eddie George). Although the Titans did not bring home a Superbowl victory, their fans were tickled at their team's season and their never-say-die attitude. The crowd's sentiment was perhaps best summed up by a small sign carried by a pre-schooler: "SO PROUD."

Summertime means baseball. There's no major league team in Nashville, but The Sounds provide some exciting Minor league action. In football, the 1999 AFL Champions Tennessee Titans are already looking forward to the 2000 season. You can also enjoy arena football with the Nashville Kats in the Nashville Arena (Gaylord Entertainment Center). Professional hockey continues with Nashville's own Predators. For stock car fans, the Nashville Speedway offers a full calendar of races.

Vanderbilt University is a member of the NCAA's Southeastern Conference and that means at least two things:Nashvillians get to enjoy football behemoths like Florida and Alabama coming to town in the fall AND they frequently get to cringe at the creamings those behemoths give Vandy. Sometimes the Commodores pull it together and win against one of their famed competitors and then there's jubilation on West End. Many of the games don't sell out, and you can buy tickets right before kickoff at the stadium box office.

Vanderbilt basketball (both women's and men's) is more competitive in the Southeastern Conference. The games, held in Memorial Gymnasium, are well-attended and a popular winter past-time for Nashvillians. Unless, the opponent is an important rival like Kentucky or Tennessee, you can often buy tickets right before the game.

Tennessee State University (TSU) fields an often-exciting 3-A football team, as does MTSU in neighboring Murfreesboro, Tennessee.


Centennial Sportsplex: 25th Avenue North at Brandau Avenue (across from Centennial Park).Tennis complex with 17 courts, indoor aquatic center with 50 meter pool and another recreational pool, a fitness center, and an ice rink in a 2,600 seat stadium. Call 616-862-8480.
Downtown YMCA:1000 Church Street. Pool, gym, weight room. Call 615-254-0631.
Green Hills YMCA: 4041 Hillsboro Circle. Call 615-297-6529.
Brentwood YMCA: 8207 Concord Road. Call 615-373-0215.
Nashville YWCA: 1608 Woodmont Blvd. Call 615-269-9922.


McCabe Golf Course: 100 46th Ave. North. Call 615-862-8491.
Harpeth Hills Golf Course: 2424 Old Hickory Blvd. Call 615-862-8493.
Shelby Golf Course: 2021 Fatherland. Call 615-862-8474.
Ted Rhodes Golf Course: 1901 Ed Temple Blvd. Call 615-862-8463.
Two Rivers Golf Course: 3150 McGavock Pike. Call 615-889-2675.


Centennial Sportsplex: 25th Avenue North at Brandau Avenue (across from Centennial Park). 17 courts. Call 616-862-8480.
Elmington Park: 3531 West End Ave. 2 courts outdoors.
Fannie Mae Dees Park: Corner of Blakemore Ave. and 24th Ave. South. 3 courts outdoors.
YWCA Tennis Center: 207 Shady Grove Rd. Call 615-889-8668.


Warner Park Nature Center

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