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The lonesome, lovely sounds of Al and Emily Cantrell usher out the summer in one of the last outdoor concerts of the season at Two Rivers Mansion. Download a free MP3 of the Cantrells' A New Language (courtesy of the Cantrells).

09 October 2001
[9:00 pm]

Live and ready to rock: The Music Guide, work of the talented writer Anna Doherty, is now on-line for your delight. Anna, a seasoned and discriminating music critic, has crafted a guide to the best places to listen to live music in Nashville. She's also given us an annotated list of her favorite artists.

Nashville's big annual Festival of Books begins this Friday, Oct. 12 and runs through Sunday, Oct. 14 at Legislative Plaze in downtown Nashville. This year's festival features more than 225 authors including Garrison Keillor, Lee Smith, Tony Earley, and Bobbie Ann Mason.

As a warmup act to the Festival, the Nashville Scene will host a public reading of its fiction and poetry winners in its first annual literary contest. The winning entries will appear in the Oct. 10 issue of the Scene and the reading takes place Thursday, Oct. 11 at the University Bookstore in Rand on the Vanderbilt campus. Come to the reading and you'll get to see me reading my story, "The Sorrows of Blue Weather." It took second place in the fiction contest. It's about chickens and heartbreak.

02 October 2001
[2:30 pm]

We're putting the final editorial touches on an amusingly insightful, idiosyncratic overview of the live music scene in Nashville. Writer Anna Doherty's essays on her favorite spots--and her favorite artists--will debut here shortly.

Other doings:

Music Happenings: from the Grand Ole Opry to the Bluebird Cafe, you'll find listings for live music in the city that is known for its songs.

Nashville Dining: Meat-and-threes, ethnic delights, and some cool coffee houses.

Outdoor Guide: parks, outdoor events, the Farmer's Market, and more.

Historical Profiles:

Nathan Bedford Forrest: hero or heel? Find out how this figure from the past is exciting controversy in present-day Nashville.

The War of the Roses took place in Nashville in 1920 in the Tennessee legislature's pivotal battle over the ratification of the 19th amendment.

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