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Leavenworthia stylosa
Cedar Gladecress, also known as Nashville Mustard [Leavenworthia stylosa] is now in bloom in Long Hunter State Park. This wildflower grows in only one limited area in the world--in the Central Basin of Tennessee. It is endemic to limestone glades (also known as cedar glades) and is one of a handful of native plant species that grow only in these middle Tennessee glades.

Mar. 31, 2003
[11:50 am]
Walking on the woodland trails in Middle Tennessee these last two weeks, I'm been torn between the peace and loveliness of what I was seeing and the knowledge that half a world away, a war was beginning.

Mar. 21, 2003
[01:00 pm]
Want to know where to see wildflowers in and around Nashville? Our guide to local hikes for the 2003 season is now up and running. We'll be making entries as we find the flowers. The Mossy Ridge Trail in Percy Warner Park already offers a wonderful selection of natives in bloom.

Mar. 20, 2003
[01:30 pm]
A public peace rally will be held at 4 p.m. at the Federal Building in downtown Nashville.

Mar. 19, 2003
[05:30 pm]

Peace rallies are planned in Nashville in the next few days.

It's been a mild, lovely day that began with storms and ended in sunshine. Trees are beginning to show early blooms and, as you'll see from the photo above, the wildflowers around Nashville are beginning their fleeting display. Spots in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park Wildflower Pilgrimage are going quickly, so reserve your place soon.

wildflower guide photosOur wildflower guide will be entering new sightings as they are made. Our last guide, dating from spring 2001, remains online.


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