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Mulligan's Pub

Jake Mayer, Sean McNamara, and Tony Lyons performing at Mulligan's Pub.

22 December 2001
[6:35 pm]

One of the most charming venues for live music in Nashville is downtown on Second Avenue at Mulligan's Pub. Sportin' Paddy, with Sean McNamara, combines talent with attitude (so much attitude the crowd sings BACK at them).You can dine here and quaff Guiness while delighting in some of the best Irish folk music in the Southeast.

Other doings:

Music Happenings: from the Grand Ole Opry to the Bluebird Cafe, you'll find listings for live music in the city that is known for its songs. New on-line commentary to music in the city by Anna Doherty, including clubs for live music and featured artists. Download a free MP3, A New Language, by Emily and Al Cantrell.

Nashville Dining: Meat-and-threes, ethnic delights, and some cool coffee houses.

Outdoor Guide: parks, outdoor events, the Farmer's Market, and more.

Historical Profiles:

Nathan Bedford Forrest: hero or heel? Find out how this figure from the past is exciting controversy in present-day Nashville.

The War of the Roses took place in Nashville in 1920 in the Tennessee legislature's pivotal battle over the ratification of the 19th amendment.


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