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photo of  new main library
New in Nashville: cool classicism and ethereal blue mark the reading room in the state-of-the-art downtown public library.

10 August 2001
[11:35 pm]

Summer supreme: it's less than twelve hours before the Nashville Ol' Time Watermelon Festival kicks off at the Farmers Market (11 am to 2 pm, Aug. 11). We'll be there because we love watermelon and we love the Farmers Market (the peaches are worth the trip alone). For the watermelon celebration, there'll be free samples, a seed-spitting contest, and live jazz. See you there. More details at Happenings.

5 August 2001
[12:30 pm]

With the opening this summer of its new main library on Church Street, Nashville has done itself proud. The library is designed to be friendly to users, including disabled ones. But its usability doesn't translate into a bland and soulless public space. This library is a thing of beauty.

Although not as cavernous as the central salons of the grand railroad stations built in the 19th century, the library's main entry hall suggests a hub for travelers. Visitors come and go in the main hall, return books, and check out new ones. Since reading offers journeys for the mind, the travel metaphor is apt. This is a fine spot for embarking on destinations wide.

Other doings:

Music Guide: from the Grand Ole Opry to the Bluebird Cafe, you'll find listings for live music in the city that is known for its songs.

Free Things to Do in Nashville: Shakespeare in the park (A Midsummer Night's Dream), a watermelon festival at the Farmers Market, and Dancin' in the District are on the calendar for the coming week.

Nashville Dining: Meat-and-threes, ethnic delights, and some cool coffee houses.

Outdoor Guide: parks, outdoor events, the Farmer's Market, and more.

Historical Profiles:

Nathan Bedford Forrest: hero or heel? Find out how this figure from the past is exciting controversy in present-day Nashville.

The War of the Roses took place in Nashville in 1920 in the Tennessee legislature's pivotal battle over the ratification of the 19th amendment.


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